About Doozy® Cleaning Products

Doozy® Furniture Polish was developed in Michigan in 1955 for the care of fine furniture. It was sold exclusively to Fine Furniture Stores. Doozy® Polish like the car the Duesenberg, has remained classic in its own right as the best product for your furniture & home. Years later, expert furniture repair and refinisher Steve Blachford, purchased the Doozy® product line which he had used for years, to compliment his furniture restoration company Mr. Furniture Finisher in Farmington Hills.

Steve went on to develop Doozy® Cleaner as an answer for cleaning sticky build-up on kitchen cabinets and much more. Both Doozy® Polish and Cleaner have been safe, non-toxic and Made in Michigan from the very beginning. Both products are water-based and can be used on any surface that has a sealed finish. This makes them the perfect combination to clean your entire home or office.

For many years Doozy® Products shared production space with Mr. Furniture Finisher, finally moving to its own plant in January 2008. This is the first step on the path to gaining a larger nation-wide consumer base and the ability to have both products widely available to the already loyal legion of stores, furniture stores, design centers a well as many other locations that carry Doozy®. New package labeling as well as new products in our line are in the works for the near future. Both Doozy® Products & Mr. Furniture Finisher remain dedicated to providing our customers with only the very finest products and first class customer service and hope to do so for many years to come.